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In the Bellwether Collaborative for Health Justice, we look for a diverse pool of applicants including those from historically marginalized groups — women, people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender,  gender non-conforming, people with lived experiences of addiction and mental health conditions, people of color, people with incarceration histories, people with disabilities, first and second generation college students, first and second generation immigrants, veterans, and people from different socioeconomic backgrounds. 

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Open Positions

Research Program Leader

The United States has over 6.5 million adults involved in the criminal legal (CL) system, with significant over-representation of non-white racial and ethnic minority groups. Even brief exposure to the CL system can have lasting effects on not just the individual, but families and entire communities. It can disqualify people from housing and employment opportunities, exacerbate mental and behavioral health conditions, and put people at increased risk for chronic illness.  The Bellwether Collaborative, led by Dr. Lauren Brinkley-Rubinstein, has an exciting new initiative funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.


The 3rd City is a program that utilizes social math to underscore the scope of the criminal legal system. The total number of people incarcerated in prisons alone outpaces cities the size of Houston or Chicago, yet little to no data are available on this population. 3rd City utilizes the infrastructure of the COVID Prison Project ( to procure, track, clean, and analyze publicly available data on the carceral system (see


We are focused first on collecting and aggregating mortality data but will expand the breadth of data collection to a wide-ranging number of health outcomes.   Our lab is seeking to hire a research scientist to join our team as the director of the 3rd City in order to support activities at the intersection of health equity and the CL system.


The research program leader will serve as the 3rd City Director, and will be responsible for managing the research activities of a growing project portfolio. Primary responsibilities include leading new research initiatives, contributing to grant writing, overseeing the implementation and follow-up for project research studies, providing statistical support to on-going research activities, and leading the development of scholarly products. The 3rd City Director will supervise an interdisciplinary team and should have experience supervising execution of projects by individuals ranging from entry-level to technically experienced.

Under the leadership of a PI, the hired candidate will:

1) oversee the research activities multiple sponsored research projects

2) contribute to decision making around scientific direction of the work of the lab  

3) contribute to the development of grant submission  

4) serve as an ambassador for Dr. Brinkley-Rubinstein's work. They will attend meetings in the community to engage with stakeholders and other interested audiences, they will present at conferences, they will participate in departmental meetings and engage/collaborate with other researchers within DUHS.
5) supervise staff (2-3 CRC’s and Undergraduate Research Assistants)

6) Manage budgets of research projects vary (typically smaller 100-200k, 1-2 year projects, with some larger projects (depending on funding, R01s, 3-5 year RWJF projects)

Minimum Qualifications:

Bachelor's Degree with at least 4 years research experience (or a Master's Degree with 2 years research experience)

Preferred Experience:

Experience working with populations impacted by the criminal legal system, supervising research staff, experience with health data storage and informatics, product design planning, and leading independent research activities.

Position Type: 


Position Close Date: 

Open until filled

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